Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This is mine and Erin's sister,Vicki and her husband,John. They came to visit from Hawaii!

This is evidence I'm holding against Cameron to show him how delightful he was at times!Bailey,Kade,Cameron,and Pierce as Dad makes them laugh for pictures last month.
Pierce and his cousin and partner in crime,Rhett decided to hop in Cam's leftover bath water!
Kade-Vader!!!!!This is my brave little Pierce In September showing off his skills in Grandpa's pool!What a hottie!
Jason and his Uncle Jerry and bro's Rick,Andy,and Kris. The proud Daddy is expecting any day now!! Is Kris feeling the baby kick???
In September Cameron was his Uncle Kris'ring bearer. He looked so handsome in his suit!
I'm seeing a pattern here,are you? Someone is really fixated with his belly!!!! Can he just be normal for one picture?Nooooo!!!